It has always been by considering the specificities of each race and our way of life that we have chosen our pets.
Coons like large green spaces, love tree-climbing and are formidable hunters, for that our life place seems to be suitable for them.
We live between Marseille and Aubagne, below the Massif of the Garlaban in the hills of Marcel Pagnol, an area where the wildlife is still protected.


We chose not to build an enclosure for our Coons because our field is totally closed in a green space, sheltered from roads and wandering cats of the city. When we see them blooming fully,running from tree to tree, we cannot bring ourselves to deprive them of this green space. Of course they are allowed to be out only during the day and in our presence. They only rub shoulders with sterilized and vaccinated cats. They can go in every rooms of the house and can use the beds as they wish but for sure they are confined in one special room during the heat or for the births.




Our children manipulate them from their youngest age, respecting scrupulously their times of rest. Their share the house with our old Brie shepherd, Idem, our young New-foundland, Black Bear and our altered cat. They also rub shoulders with our rabbits, our turtles and are captivated by our two hens.. What a nice menagerie…