Our Goal: to grow wonderful healthy kittens. Not a very inventive idea!!!

Let see how we are going to do that.

We think that the same male doesn't automatically suit all the females. We are used to selecting a begetter for its phenotype ( its morphology) and its genetic type (its genetic potential).
The stud must improve the weak points of the female without losing its strengths. So we will select a stud for each of them and we will go as far as necessary to have him.

- We will, through clever marriages, carry on, even improve the type of our begetters within the standards. We will work to stabilize the morphology (large well placed ears, long square snout, strong chin, a body worthy of the breed...).

- We are not fond of white and multicolors, so we will stick to one-color marriages ( polygens reinforcing colors and stripes). We expect to grow flaming reds and bright silvers.

- Concerning the genetic potential of our Coonies, in-breeding has bad press for, even if it stabilizes morphologic qualities, it lowers immunity. All together keeping traditional pedigrees , never outcross (for fear to lose the type and to bring new diseases) we will have a zero percent rate of in-breeding for the latest four generations.
For the study of the genetics and the calculation of in-breeding of our Coons, we have at our disposal a very handy tool Pawpeds database:

- We will bring our cats to exhibitions for it is the only way to show our selection work to international judges ( confirmation of standard doesn't exist for cats), and to appreciate the work of other breeders.

- You must have understood, to be a breeder is not to grow one's cats but to select rational matings according to the potential of each animal.
It is not to change begetters to buy more from in the fashion catteries. Moreover, this doesn't suit us , as far as feelings are concerned, And it does'nt help to know pedigrees better.