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Our aim is not to outline the general feline behaviour (I reckon that you already are cats lovers and experts) but rather to tell you what we noticed about our Coons.

The Maine Coon is described as a “sweet giant” :
*Giant because it’s the biggest race of cats in the world. This is more spectacular for males which have sometimes an imposing style. You can find details of the race on the LOOF website. .

*Sweet because of their nature. The Coons areparticularly social, not only with human but also with other animals, some say that their nature is so imposing that they became pacific. We were surprised to see how quick our cats bounded with our dogs yet very imposing and fidgety.

They are trusting cats with dhuge adaptation capacities; They would live happy in a flat if they were use to it and if something for their needs to climb and be perched has been fixed-up (a pillar where they can sharpen their claws and a place on a shelf). This being so, if you have a balcony, you will have to put wire fencing around because with their reckless nature they will take too much risks.

Do not choose a Coon telling ourselves, it will live its life, cats are very independent, because a part of its life will be you. The Maine Coon is very attached to its master and shows it. It has a clear tendency to lie down on the computer keyboard or in the middle or your favourite magazine. It is really cuddly and doesn’t see any problem being worn as a scarf. Sometimes, Nancy jumps on our shoulder when we ask her how she is doing. Our Coons follow us from a room to another, take a site on the bathtub while someone take a bath or sleep with us. But they can also be discreet if you are not available for a cuddle.

They don’t fear the water, you can see them touch the water before drinking it or jump into the sink to swallow the drops. This amuses us but if it doesn’t make you laugh, as the Maine Coons are smartcat, they will quick learn what is ban and is not, in their house. .

Finally, the most spectacular characteristic of their nature is their eloquence; they are very talkative, and sometimes even croon in a much unexpected way. Our cats reply with a “brou” each time we talk to them.

The Maine Coons are strong and rustic cast, they don’t need a specific grooming, a ten minute brushing per week would be enough to get ride of the dead hair and will prevent the shaping of hairballs in the stomach. .

They are cats full of good qualities.