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                          My passion for cats is an integral part of my life. Since I was a child I have always lived with cats and I have shared with them intense relationships. Aware that not every cat was born in a cosy basket, I worked for many years with cat protection charities, carried on sterilization campaign of wandering cats and helped those left behind.
I increased my knowledge of cat behaviour and conduct while I was out in the field and I learned to recognize their pathologies and cure them as much as possible

The difference since I met the Maine Coons, is that for the first time I’m the one who chose a cat and this is not a cat that chose me.
With Nikko it was love at first sight; she was the cat of my dreams, a flaming ginger female with a wild style. I didn’t think it could exist. (I always thought that ginger coats were specifics for males but in reality there is 20% of female as well).
When we bought her, it was bliss; this beautiful cat also has a wonderful nature. As soon as we were looking at her she was talking to us, she was very cuddly and very mischievous: a dream cat.
And so I told my husband that Nikko had a sister with a very pale coat still on sale. Mesmerized by the relationship we just discovered we couldn’t resist and we bought the sister: Nancy.
Being very passionate in everything I start, I immediately became a MCCF member (France Main Coon Club) where I was for that matter made extremely feel welcome.
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JI bought all the books I found about the Maine Coons and I spend several evening on internet looking for as many information as possible about these cats.
That is how a passion was born …